Puff the Magic Egg

Okay. I didn’t have it in me too make the souffle on Friday night. I was pooped from the luncheon. So we had leftover delight. L & J were definitely disappointed.

I made it up to them last night. For the first Saturday in a long time, we were home. Just the four of us. I rented a movie and I made the souffle and the artichokes. The artichokes from our garden do not have huge scooping leaves like regular ones. I’m not sure why, because they are globe artichokes. Nonetheless, they were delicious and had huge hearts. I cut 3 more from the artichoke plant yesterday. We’ll eat those this week. As usual, S and I had ours straight and the girls dipped their artichokes in melted butter. I snagged some of J’s butter for my heart (no pun intended!).
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