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I’m not exactly techy…anymore. But, I’m finally moving from the domain, to a self-hosted one. Whatever that means. But, it does mean I have more flexibility, if nothing else. Let’s just say, I’m learning a lot and I’m calling help desks. I think I’m their worst nightmare.

So, click here, and you’ll get to the new site. All of the posts, comments, recipes and photos are on the new site. See you there!


Hot Fudge Sauce

I have a new favorite hot fudge sauce. After years of using the same chocolate sauce (which is still fabulous and I haven’t given it up), I’ve found the thick, rich, chewy hot fudge sauce for which I have searched – for years.

It is smooth, in spite of the fact that it uses cocoa. It is rich, despite the fact that it doesn’t include an excessive amount of butter and has no cream. It has a thick, velvety quality that might normally come from the addition of corn syrup – but that isn’t in the recipe, either (yea!).

When it hits your ice cream, it sets up, but doesn’t completely harden (like a ganache would). This sauce works well inside of and on the side with our secret family ice cream cake – no thin sauce will do for that!

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