Menu for the Week – 3 days left

The girls are still at camp. S & I are finally home after a lot of traveling. I don’t know how people who travel constantly for business do it. I’m exhausted and I’ve done no work. The travel just takes it out of you. That, and not exercising enough. And, eating too much.

We are home for a while and I’m going to cook very healthfully – which, for me, means a focus on cooking dinner and not on making dessert. Luckily, the farmer’s market was open today with its summer bounty there for the feasting. I am going to use it as an inspiration.

I’m only looking forward 3 days. Keeping my options open. Here goes:

Wednesday: Grilled wild salmon, roasted beets and fennel, sauteed rainbow chard
Thursday: (Grandma & WG for dinner) Grilled steak with home-made pesto, polenta with fresh corn, roasted tomatoes and carrots
Friday: Brown rice with chicken, spinach, mushrooms and ginger, red cabbage slaw with asian seasonings


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