Menu for the Week

Busy. Busy. Easy. Easy.

Monday: Black bean soup, fresh bread, pineapple
Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner
Wednesday: Brown Rice salad with Apples (Tyler Florence), cold artichokes
Thursday: Steamed fish, rice, green bean salad
Friday: Pasta with broccoli and parmesan

Plus…2 dz. carrot cupcakes for teacher appreciation on Tuesday at J’s school and 2 dz. brownies for L’s cast party next Sunday. I could buy all this stuff. But that would be too easy.


Passover Brown Butter Almond Cake

I was determined to try a different recipe for WG’s birthday cake this year. His birthday fell during Passover and he keeps the holiday rather strictly. I didn’t want him to miss a birthday cake, though. We asked him what kind of cake he wanted, but he left it up to us. Grandma and WG are chocoholics, but we had a bunch of passover brownies during the holiday (not to mention matzo toffee crunch). So, I decided to try to make a good almond cake, cloaked in chocolate ganache. I went hunting on the internet for a recipe, but none suited my fancy. By combining a few, I came up with something that worked for us. I think it is a winner. In fact, I would make it all year round!
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Teriyaki Chicken

Last night I made something that I have never made before, strangely enough: Teriyaki Chicken. I love it. I order it when I am not in the mood for sushi at a Japanese style restaurant. I even bought a Trader Joe’s frozen chicken teriyaki for the girls’ lunches (very good, I might add).

I was perusing some old cooking magazines when I came across a recipe in Cook’s Illustrated for chicken teriyaki. Their recipes are always very well tested and authoritative, if occasionally quite complicated. The chicken teriyaki was not complicated. However, it vociferously called for skin-on chicken thighs instead of skinless, and I bought skinless (health week, remember?). And the sauce sounded incredibly sweet. So, I went on a search for another recipe.
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Menu for the Week

Just back from vacation. I did not get to post the recipe for the Passover Brown Butter Almond Cake that I made as a birthday cake for WG, but I will. The theme for this week is eating healthfully and in reasonable quantities. It is very hard to do that while on vacation, for me. I have no self-restraint, especially when waffles with coconut syrup are involved.

So this is the plan for the week:

Monday: Tomato Soup, Chef Salad, Fresh Lemon Rosemary Bread
Tuesday: Chicken Teriyaki, Broccoli, Rice, Fruit
Wednesday: Cambodian Summer Rolls, Pan Fried Trout Fillets, Herb Salad
Thursday: Pasta with Bolognese Sauce (o.k., not necessarily on the health menu), Salad
Friday: ??