Menu for the Week

For the first time in a long time, I’m actually putting a menu for the week together. At the beginning of the week! Wednesday may change because J has decided that she doesn’t want to eat anything leavened this week. She says rice is o.k., but pasta is not. L, newly a bat mitzvah, is not so passionate about keeping Passover – not even in her own way.

We actually had our Seder one night early. To us, it is more important to observe this holiday with the same family friends every year by coming together and stuffing ourselves silly during the Passover Seder. If there is a God, we are hoping it is the thought that counts, not the observance on actual dates (or complete observance of 8 days without leavened bread as determined by the rabbis of old). If God does care, oh, well, I’m totally screwed. Like J, I’ve always had my way of figuring out what is meaningful to me. I just make sure to eat a bite of matzo every day, and that way, remind myself of what is being celebrated.

Here goes for this week:

Monday: Pan roasted chicken, artichokes, cauliflower, matzo, Passover brownies
Tuesday: Turkey chili, rice, fruit
Wednesday: Lasagna, salad
Thursday: WG’s birthday dinner fish fillets provencal, spinach, roasted sweet potatoes, almond cake with chocolate ganache, fruit


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