Menu for the Week

For the first time in a long time, I’m actually putting a menu for the week together. At the beginning of the week! Wednesday may change because J has decided that she doesn’t want to eat anything leavened this week. She says rice is o.k., but pasta is not. L, newly a bat mitzvah, is not so passionate about keeping Passover – not even in her own way.

We actually had our Seder one night early. To us, it is more important to observe this holiday with the same family friends every year by coming together and stuffing ourselves silly during the Passover Seder. If there is a God, we are hoping it is the thought that counts, not the observance on actual dates (or complete observance of 8 days without leavened bread as determined by the rabbis of old). If God does care, oh, well, I’m totally screwed. Like J, I’ve always had my way of figuring out what is meaningful to me. I just make sure to eat a bite of matzo every day, and that way, remind myself of what is being celebrated.

Here goes for this week:

Monday: Pan roasted chicken, artichokes, cauliflower, matzo, Passover brownies
Tuesday: Turkey chili, rice, fruit
Wednesday: Lasagna, salad
Thursday: WG’s birthday dinner fish fillets provencal, spinach, roasted sweet potatoes, almond cake with chocolate ganache, fruit


Spring Has Sprung

L's Photo of Grape Hyacinth

I am sittling here at my computer and the sun is streaming into the window. I can see birds and bees flitting around the blooming trees. How did this happen? How has time flown by so quickly?

L turned thirteen last week, and we celebrated her bat mitzvah as well. What a tremendous milestone. The months (years) of preparation for the day, then, poof it is over. I am not really having the post event let down so much as feeling incredulous that it could be over and that we are on to the next thing. As L said, it felt like a 24 minute day. Almost like it never happened. Indeed.

We had the last member of our family hit the road on Monday night. They were supposed to have been on a flight in the morning, but the flight was cancelled and the earliest replacement they could get was the red eye. So, we had the pleasure of their company for an impromptu dinner. Steak, baked russet potatoes and sweet potatoes, asparagus, salad….and, because local strawberries are in the market, strawberry short cake. Actually, it wasn’t about the strawberries. It was about the fact that we had so much whipped cream left over from our Sunday brunch waffles, I needed an excuse to use it. And, because I like it better, I made a yellow cake instead of shortcake. I guess you could call it Strawberries and Whipped Cream Cake.

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Menu for the Week – Retrospectively

It is the end of the week and I am just getting down to writing what we ate. Not a great planning week. Too much going on. However, it was a pretty good eating week.

Monday: Grilled steak, asparagus, baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes, salad, strawberry shortcake
Tuesday: Spaghetti with sausage and tomato sauce, salad, leftover cake
Wednesday: Pork tenderloin, leftover potatoes (Monday), green bean salad (the new favorite)
Thursday: Shrimp scampi, rice, sauteed baby spinach, steamed sugar snap peas (25 minute dinner!)
Friday: Frogs legs chicken, broccoli with pasta and parmesan, gingerbread madeleines with berries
Saturday: Kids choice – we’re goin’ out
Sunday: Passover seder at friends’ – I’ll be bringing charoset, matzo toffee, and passover brownies (recipe and pix to follow)

Menu for the Week

We have a very busy week this week with school performances, evening meetings, guests and then a ski weekend. Whew. Can’t complain because all are fun and wonderful. But, at the same time, it means we will have to have pretty quick dinners (except for when we have our guests!).

Monday: JT’s Sausage and Pasta Soup, Brownies (baked for the after performance noshes, like last year)
Tuesday: Simple Pasta…TBD, Fresh Bread, Salad
Wednesday: 6-4 Dinner – Arroz con Pollo, Green Bean Salad, Fresh Strawberries with frozen lemon cream
Thursday: Pork Tenderloin, Beets, Beet Greens, Quinoa
Friday: ??? Quick or Out – weather dependent!