Menu for the Week

It is Tuesday morning, and I just finished baking the cake for S’s birthday dinner tonight. I made a new frosting and changed up my usual yellow cake recipe. I can’t wait to taste it all together. The frosting is…..mmmmmm. It is a “seafoam” frosting, which I decided to try because the regular 7-minute marshmallow frosting was such a hit. And, the pointy things all over the cake were inspired by this cake on Zoe Bakes.

In the meantime, here is the plan for the week:

Monday: Chicken Burritos with rice, pinto beans, pico de gallo w/cucumber, guacamole, salad, sliced mango
Tuesday: S’s Birthday Dinner – Fish (prep tbd), fingerling potatoes, sauteed spinach, green bean salad, cake, fruit
Wednesday: Thai rice noodles with chicken, napa cabbage slaw, fruit
Thursday: Beef Bourguignon, egg noodles
Friday: Home made Mac ‘n cheese for the girls (L’s request)


2 thoughts on “Menu for the Week

  1. Nice looking space cake! Happy bd s. and have a fun evening! I made boeuf b. w/ noodles over the weekend for Olympics grub – had the leftovers last night and it was even better.

  2. Happy Bday S!
    Suzanee, this cake looks absolutely amazing-unfortunatley, I am sworn off baking for the next 8 weeks as we are training for the bike race in mid-April, so will have to wait to try this one…

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