Menu for the Week

It has been a pretty strange week, dinner-wise. J is on vacation from school, while L does not have vacation. J stayed over at a friend’s house on Tuesday, and S went away for a couple of nights. S returns today to pick up J and take her on a little overnight excursion. So, most of this week, it has been just me and L for dinner. We thought J would be home last night, but she had such a fun time with her friend, that she stayed with them through dinner. What a nice family!

So, L and I have been dining on some delicious food. It is very relaxing to sit down with my almost teenager and just chat. The “alone time” is pretty important.

I have been experimenting in the kitchen because I have had the time, and per usual, standing is the best position for my back. L and I saw a ravioli press at a kitchen store and immediately decided that we had to have one. We are still being inspired by the ravioli for 19 that she made with her friends. Pasta making is definitely a work in progress. L and I made the ravioli for last night together. I did the pasta rolling and she did the ravioli production. We make a good team!

Monday: Frittata with potato, tomato, spinach, basil and cheddar, salad, valentine’s cookies
Tuesday: Lamb burgers with feta, spinach salad, strawberries
Wednesday: Homemade cheese ravioli with tomato sauce, strawberries with iced maple cream (from a recipe I made over the weekend – SO good/decadent)
Thursday: Flank steak (leftover from weekend), asparagus, quinoa, applesauce with berries
Friday: ??? not sure yet.


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