Menu for the Week

The raviolis that L and her friends made were very inspiring to me. I tried several years ago to make home made pasta. I bought a pasta machine -the old fashioned kind where you hand crank the dough through rollers until it is very thin. I bought a fairly inexpensive model, figuring that if I didn’t use it much, I wouldn’t have made a big investment. This was probably not the best idea since the cutters for the pasta were not that good and I had a few failed attempts at tagliatelle. After the girls made ravioli for 19, I decided to attempt pasta again – but I hand cut it after I rolled it instead of machine cutting it. It was easier to make than I remembered and more delicious. I made papardelle last week to serve with leftover pot roast, to which I had added extra tomato sauce. Wow.

This week, I attempted ravioli. Butternut squash ravioli with sage and brown butter. Mmmm, mmmm, good. Recipe and picures to follow.

Here was our menu this week:

Monday: Yogurt mustard chicken, quinoa, broccoli, purple cabbage
Tuesday: Ginger pork wth bok choy, leftover broccoli, Rice, Mango
Wednesday: Lemon parsley fish cakes, leftover quinoa, green beans
Thursday: Butternut squash ravioli with sage and brown butter, salad, pineapple
Friday: Leftover delight


One thought on “Menu for the Week

  1. Hi friend! I can’t believe you are so organized. I usually decide what’s for dinner at 6PM. I need to start thinking ahead.

    We didn’t talk about this job, as I had the interview in November. It is in town, small brand new restaurant, opening in April. Really exciting, I will be the pastry chef. You guys will have to come for dinner one day.

    Hope you are totally back to normal.

    Love to all!

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