A True Kids Cook Sunday

L and 3 of her adorable friends made a plan at school during lunch one day last fall. They decided that they wanted to cook a gourmet meal for their parents and siblings. L was very excited about the prospect of this meal because she likes to cook and she likes to hang out with her friends. Why not do both together? But, she was skeptical because she wasn’t sure they would (1) find a mutually agreeable date [which proved to be very difficult indeed!] and (2) be able to pull it off, since the girls wanted to do this without any parental nosing-in. The kids were very motivated to do his ALONE.

I was incredibly impressed by what these girls accomplished – maybe I’m just a proud parent. But, it is not easy to make dinner for 19 people: to organize the recipes, figure out the quantities, figure out the timing, etc. They did it without a lot of parental help – in fact, the parents (with the exception of the parents who generously let the kids cook at their home) arrived ready for some hors d’oeuvre just before dinner was served. All we brought was the wine!

The girls gathered at 1:00 pm and cooked, chopped, rolled, stuffed, stirred, sautéed, set tables and then served. They were exhausted (or at least L was), but so satisfied and pleased with the dinner. As a parent, I loved watching the process of the kids thinking out the evening, from the menu to getting the parents together. It was a very social and warm dinner party, where the parents didn’t all know each other well, but got to know each other better. Frankly, I think there are very few adults who could have thrown a more lovely gathering.

Here is the delicious menu that the girls prepared:

Pepper jelly and cream cheese on crackers

Home baked foccacia

Gingered Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

Caesar Salad

Fresh, homemade 3 cheese ravioli (they made and stuffed pasta for 19!!!) with vodka sauce
Mixed vegetable stir fry
Chicken with garlic and parsley

Molten Chocolate Cakes with fresh berries

Many thanks to these wonderful girls and to the parents who graciously hosted all 19 of us! We started talking about another evening together….better get it on the calendars now!!


3 thoughts on “A True Kids Cook Sunday

  1. I am SO impressed by L and J making you dinner, and such a gourmet one to boot! Isn’t copying the highest form of flattery? Good job S and S!

  2. VERY impressive. Everything looked so delicious and pretty. It sounded like a fabulous evening all the wa;y around. And Molten Chocolate Cake? not the eaiest recipe to master…Bravo girls!

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