Menu for the Week

After the deluge of last week, I have been in a comfort food mode. We finished last week with a very relaxing dinner with old friends and I made braised lamb shanks (pictures and recipe to follow in my next post). While I was at the market buying the lamb shanks, I picked up a chuck roast and thought I would cook it in the slow cooker using an old recipe from Everday Food magazine. However, I decided that the lamb braise worked so well that I would throw the meat in a pot and braise it in the oven. We are starting our rainy week with that pot roast for dinner.

With S busy one night this week and leaving with the girls for a long weekend of skiing in the fresh Sierra snow, it won’t be a heavy cooking week. I cooked the pot roast yesterday. Therefore, I’m almost completely off the hook tonight!

Monday: Pot Roast, salad, sliced strawberries
Tuesday: Zucchini soup, panini sandwiches
Wednesday: Vietnamese cabbage salad with chicken
Thursday: Leftover delight?


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