Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Fish Sauce
Make this!

Vietnamese Chicken Salad is delicious! No batteries while I was cooking or eating and thus, no photos of the delicious salad. But you need to have fish sauce – pictured above.

This salad was reminiscent in flavor to Green Papaya Salad. But, without the effort of trying to find green papayas and shred them. I don’t know whether this salad is “authentic”, but it is healthy, delicious and very easy to prepare.

I used this recipe for Vietnamese Chicken Salad from Cooking Light magazine, exactly, except that I used purple cabbage because I had it in the house. L would love this salad. J would probably turn up her nose, but might deign to try it because she craves Vietnamese cuisine. The recipe says that it serves 6 (215 calories per serving), but that may refer to relatively small, non-main course portions. I made about 2/3 of the recipe and S & I polished it off for dinner. That means you are eating a lot of bulk, raw vegetables. You feel quite full, but the salad is very light.

If you have never purchased fish sauce, it can be found in the International aisle with Thai foods. It lasts pretty much forever in the refrigerator and is great with stir fried noodles. The brand above is not meant to be an endorsement. That was simply what was available!


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