Menu for the Week

Not having kids at home, we have been out for many a night and this week will continue the trend. When there isn’t any such thing as a school night or homework, it feels o.k. to have dinners late and go out with friends. Loving it.

This week, we’ll have dinners at home for 4 or 5 nights.

Here is the plan:

Monday: Vietnamese Chicken Salad, peaches and plums
Tuesday: Turkey Burgers with tomato jam, olives and feta; melon
Wednesday: Dinner for One! Eggs on toast with asparagus.
Thursday: Out
Friday: Out
Saturday: 4-4-dinner. Summer Corn Soup, Grilled Flank Steak with Spicy Pepper and Watermelon Salad, Dessert – TBD

All of the recipes (except the eggs) will be new. One of the to-do’s on my list since I’ve been home has been to go through my magazines and pitch what I don’t want or need. I’ve gone through many, so far, and have ripped out the recipes that look good. The recipes above are from magazines both recent and ancient. Can’t wait to try them.


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