Menu for the “Week”

It feels like I’ve done a lot of cooking and recording so far this year. In looking back, I’ve made some meals and dishes that we’ve loved and some, well, we didn’t.

I haven’t intentionally tried to keep attempting new recipes with such frequency, but as it turns out, I haven’t done a lot of repeating and haven’t made some of our favorite foods in a while. The girls are about to embark on their summer camp adventure, so they have gotten to choose dinner for the past couple of nights. They won’t have my cooking for a couple of months. It will be 2-4-dinner for most of the summer, me and S.

Here are the girls choices for their last meals at home:

Sunday (last night): Pasta with tomato cream sauce, salad
Monday (tonight): Frogs legs chicken, green bean salad, “Masa” brown rice (a local brown rice), key lime pie

Today, I spent a couple of hours making strawberry jam with some friends, after a pretty busy few weeks. That was very fun. Making jam is an activity that seems to be best done with lots of hands – rinsing, drying, hulling, crushing, stirring, funneling, etc. We made two different types: with pectin and without. My personal preference is without pectin. I think it has a more intense flavor. But, the pectin variety is delicious, as well, and tastes more “fresh”. I didn’t take any photos of the process, so I will need to just post the pictures of the jam on some toast. Can’t wait until it sets.

That is it for a while. We are hitting the road for a couple of weeks. I’ve got many recipes saved up and photographed, but with the end of school, it has been hard to find the time to sit and write. The end of the school year is usually pretty harried. This year has been no exception. I’m going to re-ignite my cooking while the girls are away. S and I will try some new and interesting recipes, I hope.


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