Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds make me feel old.

I know that sounds strange, but it is not easy to find a watermelon with seeds these days. Most watermelons at the grocery store are seedless, including the new mini-watermelons. And, those “watermelons” don’t even make sense to me – since watermelon seems to be about abundance and summer excess.

Today, we are having a watermelon seed spitting contest at the 4th Grade end-of-year party. My task is to bring an old fashioned watermelon. Luckily, my favorite grocery store had them in stock (bless them). I bought one that is, I think, more than 20 lbs. An early season monster.

I’ll be curious to know if any of the kids exclaim, “Watermelons have seeds?!!” And, with all those leftover seeds on the field, will we have a new crop of seeded watermelon growing in the autumn?


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