Nature’s Candy

Thankfully, mother nature is an indulgent parent. She makes lots of candy. I can think of so many incredibly sweet treats that are healthy, plentiful (depending on the time of year) and require no cooking.

Fruit is the obvious candy-like provision that comes to mind.

But, this weekend, we saw a treat that is just coming into season of the legume variety. English peas. You can’t wait to pry the pods open and pop them into your mouth. Their taste, when fresh, is so decadent and pure.

L & J beg me to get fresh English peas when we see them at the Farmer’s Market. I pretty much always acquiesce. This weekend, we shelled them together to make it easier to munch on a few at will. I won’t be cooking this batch. We only got a pound of the pods, which isn’t a huge yield when they are shelled. But we did discover how quickly the job of shelling flies by when we do it together over a big bowl, yick-yacking the whole time. Maybe next week, I’ll get a big bag and make some fresh pea soup.


It is a wonder that Nestle hasn’t started packaging them. Imagine if they did and parents gave them out for Halloween. Kids would think that the peas really were candy. What a marketing coup that would be.

Maybe Mylie Cyrus should start eating them, the hordes would surely follow.


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