Lesson: read the recipe.

For last night’s dinner, I tried a new recipe: Orecchiette with chicken sausage and broccoli rabe. Up until just this minute when I was looking for the recipe to link on-line, I thought I had followed the recipe. But, I hadn’t. The recipe said to blanch the broccoli rabe in boiling, salted water – which is how you get rid of some of its bitterness. I didn’t do this step.

I just didn’t read the recipe through. And, as I ate the bitter broccoli (mine, L’s and J’s), I wondered: “This is so bitter. Why didn’t the recipe have you blanch the broccoli rabe?”

Nonetheless, the broccoli rabe to pasta ratio was too high in my opinion. And, there wasn’t enough sausage. And, the recipe had you add vinegar. It smelled good while it was cooking, but, well, I can’t blame the recipe that I didn’t follow. It may very well be fantastic.

We had ice cream for dessert because dinner was lousy. A silver lining of mint chip.

So, there is no link and I won’t try the recipe again. But, I’ve learned a lesson.

Read the recipe.


5 thoughts on “Blech.

  1. I will make you my famous (at least it is around the office) pasta with broccoli rabe – Easy… great with orechiette or shells.

    make 1/2 c. infused garlic oil (simmer 3 to 4 cloves minced garlic in 1/3 c. +/- olive oil – pure is better than EVOO for this – until just starting to brown and then take off heat) Toast a handful of pine nuts – 300 oven about 10 minutes or toaster oven. Meanwhile, boil pasta per directions, add a bunch of broccoli rabe (cleaned, trimmed, cut in thirds so pieces are about 3″) and boil together the last 4 minutes. Drain. Return to the hot pot. Add infused olive oil and pine nuts. Season with kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper (and red pepper flakes if you like it spicy) to taste, and plenty of fresh pecorino romano. Big salad. Beer. Heaven. Add browned sausage if you feel so inclined! Our American Idol night dinner. Makes great leftovers to which my office mates will attest.

  2. a) Gail’s pasta with broccoli rabe and fresh sausage is one of my absolute favorites, perhaps she’ll share the recipe 🙂

    b) What … no Brown Cow Palace? I’m disappointed.

  3. Thx. for the advice! I am undeterred, even if I won’t go back to the recipe that I used. I will try Debbie’s recipe and will need to get Gail’s. We have had fab orecchiette with broccoli rabe, which is why I wanted to try making it at home. Scala’s Bistro in SF has an incredible version – nice and spicy. I also think the one that I made would be better with regular broccoli (also cooked in the water with the pasta in the last few minutes).

  4. not being sausage people, we sometimes toss in grilled marinated chicken paillard. we had it last night for dinner – it was american idol night after all!

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