Menu for the Week

Just dropped my parents off at the airport yesterday. So sad to see them go. Visits are too short and too infrequent. The house is very quiet with the kids back at school.

This week is pretty mellow, except for a luncheon here on Friday. Cooking, likewise, will be low key as we move from guest mode and big dinners and desserts to just the four of us. We all want to eat more healthfully this week. Not to mention that I want to make room for more exercise. Folding laundry, sadly, doesn’t count as core work. You’d think there would be something more that you get out of that activity than clean, folded clothes.

I’m going to try a couple of new recipes this week. One will be for the luncheon. Two will be for dinner.

Here’s the dinner plan:
Monday: (new) Fusilli Orecchiette with chicken sausage and broccoli rabe, fruit ice cream
Tuesday: Turkey chili with corn bread
Wednesday: Roasted Chicken and potatoes (From farmers market), vegetable TBD steamed asparagus and sauteed rainbow chard
Thursday: Out for dinner (to see Michael Pollan at an event!) – girls will eat leftover delight or easy pasta
Friday: (new) Cheese soufflé, big salad, ARTICHOKES FROM OUR GARDEN!, fruit

S isn’t thrilled about the cheese soufflé idea. He thinks it will be too heavy and rich. Rich, yes, probably. Heavy, I hope not. But, since it is Mother’s Day weekend, it is my choice and I haven’t made a cheese soufflé in years. Not since we had a soufflé night many years ago with some close friends. Talk about decadent. We made cheese soufflé and chocolate soufflé.

Truthfully, though, the artichokes may be the star on Friday evening. And, they grew right here in suburbia.


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