Quinoa, Yes. Fennel, No. Matzo Toffee, Oh, Yes!

Chicken with Roasted Vegetables
Well, having the kids taste everything has paid off.

Last night, quinoa got the thumbs up! Shocking and satisfying. I was sure that when I said, “Come on, just one bite,” I’d get the pinched up face, the rolling eyes. But, instead, I got the nodding head. From both girls, no less. One more food in the plus column. Hooray!

Beets are still in the minus column. And, tonight’s fennel is in the minus column as well. Boooo!

Note to self: quinoa tastes better with a little dressing made of 2 parts olive oil to 1 part lemon juice, plus a little salt and pepper. I had the leftover quinoa and vegetables for lunch today – cold, with the beets and cauliflower, some gorgonzola, and the dressing. It would have been really good if I’d had leftover beet greens, but those were polished off last night. Fresh arugula or spinach would have been nice, too.

Tonight’s dinner was a classic: roast chicken (lately, I’ve been using the method from Zuni Cafe – without the 24 hour salting and herbs under the skin); roasted fingerling potatoes, carrots, onions and fennel; and, the piece-de-resistance, artichokes.

Matzo Toffee Crunch

No, that is wrong. While the artichokes were wonderful (at 4 for $5, how could I resist), dessert was everyone’s favorite part of dinner. I made David Leibovitz’s riff on one of my favorite treats: Matzo Toffee Crunch. [Here’s the link to the one that I’ve been making for years the original Caramel Matzo Crunch ]. I made it this afternoon to send to my college sophomore niece, who is studying for finals. I wasn’t sure if brownies would get to her (or if she could finish them) before Passover. We poison tested the toffee for dessert, just to make sure that it wouldn’t kill her. It was selfless of us, really.

Our people sure know how to cook.

Why was this night different from all other nights? We got to eat matzo covered with buttery toffee and chocolate, that is why. Makes you wish it were Passover more often.


6 thoughts on “Quinoa, Yes. Fennel, No. Matzo Toffee, Oh, Yes!

  1. thank you for sending treats to A! She’ll enjoy them. We’re sending treats too via the school’s fundraiser.

  2. Thanks so much for the Matzo Toffee, I just got it today in the mail! (Not sure when it got here, but I picked it up today)

    I’ve already tried it even though it’s not quite Passover yet, and it’s delish! I couldn’t resist the temptation. My friend and I (the only representatives for the tribe) are very lucky girls! My roommate tried some too and it was her first experience with Matzah… I told her that unfortunately if she ever encounters it again she will be very disappointed after having this as her first taste.

    The treats will definitely ease both the stresses of finals and keeping kosher.. haha

    Thanks again!

  3. PS. Do you ever make anything vegan? That could be cool. I challenge you!

    (I had to. I do go to Bates, after all)

  4. Glad you like it…but if you are being kosher, something from my kitchen wouldn’t be your best choice!

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