Freezer Favorites

Penne with Bolognese Sauce
Homemade Bolognese Sauce takes a long time to make, so it is good to make it in a big batch and throw some in the freezer. I did that a couple of months ago and it made short work of dinner on Wednesday night, even though it is technically “slow food”. I don’t even remember the recipe that I used for the sauce that I defrosted, but I think that I based it, loosely, on a recipe from the Barilla web site. I tasted bacon in the sauce, and from what I remember, I didn’t have all the right ingredients and the recipe was not what I expected (which I didn’t realize until I was well into the process). In fact, I was trying to make the lasagne and was pretty tripped up by the lack of liquid. Since the recipe used “no boil” noodles, I didn’t think it would work very well given the very low ratio of liquid in the recipe (almost all of the liquid in the sauce gets cooked out and there wasn’t enough in the bechamel to be absorbed by the noodles and still have some body to the layers). This was definitely a lesson in reading the recipe fully before starting.

I had dreamed of re-creating the lasagne that J had when we were in Rome a few years ago. It was an incredibly luscious lasagne al forno, with very thin pasta in many, many layers. Definitely a bechamel style dish – no ricotta. My version did not turn out nearly as I would have wanted it, but I think that I remember what I did wrong (aside from not making my own fresh noodles…). I’ll try again some time and post the results.

Wednesday night’s dinner was just penne with the sauce, some parmesan gratings and a simple salad. No fuss.


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