2-4 Dinner

Little Shrimp Casserole with Broccoli
While S and J are away skiing, I thought that I’d make some of L’s favorites for dinner. Tonight we had a dish that both of us would rank high on a “Best of Mom’s Meals” list. I served it with broccoli, which would not be at the top of either L or J’s lists, but is very healthy (and I think delish).

Little Shrimp Casseroles is a recipe that I found in Jacques Pepin’s “Fast Food My Way”. The recipe can also be found on the Food & Wine web-site (linked above). I love Jacques Pepin. I could watch him cook all day. How does he slice an onion so quickly? I also have a cookbook of Jacques Pepin & Julia Child cooking together, I think based on a PBS series. It too has fantastic home recipes.

This shrimp dish is very buttery and rich, if you use all of the butter in M. Pepin’s recipe. I use about half the butter. I also add about twice the amount of mushrooms. Today, I found that I had no scallions when I got home from the market, so I substituted shallots. L thought that it wouldn’t be as good without the scallions, but it was still wonderful and she recanted her skepticism. The dish did want for a little green – if I’d had parsley in the house, that would have been a good addition. I like quite a bit more bread crumbs than the recipe calls for, so I generally use about 2 cups of fresh bread crumbs (from 2 slices of bread) – tonight I only used one cup, since it was just 2 of us. I also usually add some lemon juice on top with about 1/2 of the white wine indicated. Since the dish is for four, I simply halved it tonight for the two of us. Whenever I’ve made this recipe, it has taken substantially longer to cook than the time identified. It could be that the shrimp that I use are larger, but if you decide to make it, check to see if the shrimp are done before serving!

It is very nice to have some time alone with L. We have some great weekend plans that are mother-daughter oriented and don’t require too much crutching around.


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