Weekend Guests

Orange & Currant Scones

Weekend guests are always a welcome change of pace, especially when they make everyone in the house so happy. This weekend was particularly great because our guests surprised L for her birthday and she was utterly and completely astonished when she saw them.

Our Saturday birthday dinner was for nine people. I made it as easy as possible by putting together the ice cream cake during the week and by using some key purchased ingredients as time savers. Yeah, I know, it is whimping out and doesn’t seem very gourmet, but I’d rather spend time with my family. The first short cut is Soy Vay Veri Teriyaki marinade. I think it is the easiest way to make flank steak. I take the flank steak, throw it in a zipper bag, pour in some marinade, and zip the bag. Do this a few hours before grilling the steak and the result is tender, flavorful meat. Is it as perfect as a great homemade marinade? Definitely not. But, I haven’t found a great marinade that I love and it is veri veri easy (I may try the marinade that I used for the pork tenderloin next time that I have flank steak, though).

Second, Jade Sichuan Peanut Sauce is a condiment that I’ve been using for years to make cold peanut noodles. You take a pound of angel hair (or rice noodles) and cook them, drain and rinse them in cold water. Julienne some red peppers, carrots, and cucumbers (snow peas are also a good addition). Slice some scallions and chop some cilantro. Put the noodles and the vegetables in a bowl. Pour on about a cup of the sauce. Mix well. If you want the sauce to have a little bit more thickness, warm some (2 tbsp. or so) peanut butter and combine it with the sauce before you put it on the noodles.

So, I basically did very little work, and much of it ahead of time, for our family dinner party. The ice cream cake was a winner and we polished the leftovers off at snack-time today. The homemade toffee was great on the cake because we got “motherlode” chunks instead of the small pieces of bits-o-brickle.

Ice Cream Cake

This week is another non-standard week. S is out tonight and then goes away with J for some skiing (since she got shortchanged by L’s injury) on Thursday-Saturday. So, L and I have 3 nights of dinner where it is just the 2 of us. I think we’ll have meals that would not appeal to J – salmon, shrimp, and spicy food are some ideas. I’m leaving those days mostly open so we can decide together.

Here is the plan for the next couple of days:
Monday – Pea Soup, panini sandwiches with steak
Tuesday – Grilled chicken breasts, artichokes, herb roasted tomatoes
Wednesday – Pasta with Bolognese sauce (from my freezer), salad
Thursday – Little Shrimp Casseroles (Jacques Pepin), Asparagus
Friday – TBD
Saturday – TBD
Sunday – Dinner with friends


3 thoughts on “Weekend Guests

  1. Hello, I am a friend of S’s and thoroughly am enjoying this site! Great meal for your guests and the ICE Cream Cake looks amazing! Thanks for sharing this site, get alot of ideas for meals for my family…

    Enjoy, but it seems like you do.


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