Waffles at 6:30 p.m.

Breakfast for Dinner
I think big breakfasts are, as a friend of mine would say, the cat’s meow. But, eating a big breakfast is generally not on the time schedule or on the trying-to-slim-down-by-summer plan. Sometimes on weekends, or when we have friends staying with us, I’ll cook a big lazy breakfast. That is usually around holidays when the food is just flowing and there are tons of, always hungry, adults and kids around. On an ordinary day when a big breakfast is called for, we eat it for dinner. Protein – check. Starch – check. Fruit/Vegetable – check. Dessert – check, check.

Tonight we had Pumpkin (vegetable) Waffles (starch) as our main dish. Our sides were chicken apple sausage (protein/fruit) and raspberries (fruit). Dessert, you could say, was served on top of the waffles: maple syrup and whipped cream. The dairy council would be proud – the girls and I had milk (more protein) as our beverage of choice (good for broken bones, I’m told). I’m having my cup of decaf now, to make the breakfast complete.

Man, it was a good and healthy meal. Great conversation, too.

We discussed the use of curse words, at school and otherwise. J says that the kids in 4th grade are using curse words – and not just saying “F Word”, but using the full word. I said, “J, do you know what the F-word is?”. “Yes, Mommy, isn’t it the word Daddy says when we are in a bad traffic jam?” “That is correct,” I responded. L chimed in to tell us that some words have multiple meanings and aren’t always curses. True, but used in the 4th grade, the tamer meaning is irrelevant. We went over the meanings of the f-word, the s-word, the b-word and the n-word. No other –words are in their vernacular, yet. Excellent. I hope I don’t hear those words out of their mouths for a long time. Wishful thinking.

Holy s-word! They are growing up too fast!

BTW, the waffles were cooked on a waffle iron, but they are not homemade. I use a mix that I found out about through a great hotel that I thought had the best waffles I’d ever tasted. I nicely requested the recipe. When they never got back to me, I kindly inquired again. Then, when I saw one of their chefs at the breakfast buffet one morning, I sweetly asked him. He said, “We don’t make our own batter, we use a mix that is made by the manufacturer of our waffle irons. Pretty much all hotels use this mix.” So, I set about to find the mix. It is sold at Cost Plus World Market out here in California. Here is the name: Carbon’s Golden Malted. I was afraid to look at the ingredient list, but it isn’t too bad. And, you add your own butter, eggs and milk. I do make my own, sometimes, but having these makes me feel like I am at a nice hotel….where I have forgotten my money and have to do the dishes. At least there are fewer dishes with a mix.


One thought on “Waffles at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Hi Suzanne, I finally found you! (Through Davide Liebowitz’ website no less!!). I am very impressed, and very entertained, and now am a fan.

    See you soon!

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