Menu for this Week

Blooming Spidery MagnoliaSpring has sprung here in Northern California. J has become a budding photographer since she re-discovered her digital camera and its “macro” mode. She and L have been out taking pictures of the various flora in the last couple of weeks.

Our crabapple trees are about to burst, the plum trees are waning, the magnolia is in full bloom. Roses are getting new leaves, as are lilacs. I monitor our fig tree almost everyday, hoping we get 2 fruit cycles (and that the squirrels don’t eat all the fruit, like last year). I’m also monitoring our wild green plum tree to see if it is getting any fruit – I haven’t seen a lot of bees around and I’m worried.

Yesterday, I completed this year’s batch of 11 jars of marmalade. I’ll save that for another post because I’m planning to teach a friend to make marmalade later this next week. I usually pick slightly underripe oranges so that there is a little more sour/bitter flavor. But, the oranges are fairly sweet this year and we are already eating them. I also see that the orange trees are getting new foliage and we (S does this) will need to take the fruit off from this year so that next years will grow well.

This is an unusual week, because S is out from Monday thru Thursday.  We get him back for dinner on Friday.

When he is out, the girls and I still sit down for our regular dinners together, but for some reason, I cook in a more low-key way. And, sometimes, it is a great time to try new recipes….

Oh, God. I am scaring myself here – do I sound like a ’50s housewife? All I need is a hair ribbon, a house coat, a cigarette, and an afternoon martini. Then the picture would be complete. Ahhhh! I’m REALLY NOT this perky. In fact, just the opposite.

With all the cooking last week, we are left with: leftovers. I hate waste, so leftovers will certainly be a part of our plan this week – in fact tonight.

Here goes:

Monday – Leftover Delight – Yogurt/Mustard Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Vegetable TBD, Salad, Strawberries
Tuesday – Breakfast for dinner – Waffles, Sausage, Fruit
Wednesday – Turkey Burgers (a first – recipe TBD), Salad
Thursday – Fish Burritos/Salad
Friday – TBD
Saturday – L’s 12th Birthday Dinner. Her menu decision: Flank Steak, Green Beans, Sesame Noodles, Salad, Ice cream Cake (Mom’s)


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