Grandma Joined Us for Dinner

Grandma and her hubby, W (not Dubya!), were supposed to come to dinner on Friday, but L was sick with a fever and we didn’t want to infect anyone. Frankly, while L got the bug at school, I think she was more susceptible because she had hardly slept all week. Between the pain of the broken leg, the anxiety about getting around on crutches, and the discomfort of sleeping with the cast, she needed some sleep – badly. So did we. Friday, I just couldn’t lift a pan. So, we ordered in pizza and were all in bed by 9:00.

Then a fairly un-busy weekend. Early swim meet for J on Saturday. Friends for dinner on Saturday night – very fun (the pasta strategy worked!). Lots of homework for L.

And, we got to have Grandma and W’s company for dinner on Sunday. I got lucky in the in-law department and love having my mother-in-law and her husband here for dinner. We always have fun and interesting conversations over dinner and wine. This time, given the beautiful weather, S grilled some grass fed rib-eyes outside and I put together some simple sides: asparagus, mushrooms, and rice pilaf. We shared the two extra lemon tarts, that our friends brought over on Saturday night, for dessert with some honeydew melon.
Steaks Ready to GrillMaking Rice PilafAsparagus
And, the bonus for me was that W, an excellent photographer, took a look at this here blog and gave me some really good pointers about photo composition. So, I hope the photos on the blog will be better and tastier looking in the future!


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