Menu for the Week

Easy dinners will be key this week, and make-ahead will be a good idea, since I have evening plans two of the nights, and so does S, and Tuesday night is L’s drama performance (she broke-a-leg prior to the gig…poor bunny!). Tonight S and my plans are concurrent, so we have a babysitter for a couple of hours and I think she will be joining the girls for some grub.

I’m also going to add dark green leafy vegetables when possible from now on, to up the natural calcium that we are eating. Milk will be the drink of choice at each meal. The bone breaking has to stop! L’s accident this weekend makes two for her (1 wrist and 1 leg) and two for J (2 wrist – same incident, 2 bones). All in the span of 2 1/2 years. The klutz gene is dominant in my family.

Here is the plan:
Monday: Lentil Soup (with Phipp’s Farm mixed lentils), Speedy No-Knead Bread
Tuesday: Spaghetti Carbonara (J’s favorite and she’s been particularly helpful to L), salad, treats at the performance (I’m bringing brownies – the good kind…)
Wednesday: Yogurt/Mustard Baked Chicken (Lee Bailey), green beans, sauteed kale, roasted potatoes
Thursday: Snapper Provencal, Israeli couscous, spinach salad
Friday: TBD
Saturday: Friends coming for dinner with 4 yr old. They are vegetarian, but eat seafood. To accomodate all tastes, young and old, we are having Pasta with Spicy Tomato Sauce and Shrimp, Salad, dessert TBD

I frequently choose a pasta dish when friends who have small kids come to dinner. While I definitely shy away from making special meals for little kids, I can avail myself of the new trend to “deconstruct” dishes. So, for our friend’s daughter, who may not like sauce – plain pasta. For J, who doesn’t like shrimp – pasta with spicy tomato sauce. For the rest of us – pasta with spicy tomato sauce and shrimp. Everyone is well fed and I don’t do any extra work.


4 thoughts on “Menu for the Week

  1. your blog is fantastic!
    have you tried mustard greens? they’re surprisingly yummy.
    hey…watch the klutz gene comments!
    5 wrist, 2 nose, 1 sternum, 1 finger, countless toes & 3 rib separations

  2. Just saw mustard greens at the market. Great suggestion – even if the girls only try it, I’m sure that S and I will like them….with respect to the klutz gene, don’t forget the countless hemotomas (sp?) from falling down.

  3. I think you photos look terrific! I want to try the lima bean selection. It looks yummy–as does EVERYTHING ELSE. No surprise there. You go girl.

  4. What a wonderful discussion of food, family life, and parenting, Suzanne. And beautiful photos. The recipes sound terrific, and I want to try some of them. What happened to L. that she needed a cast? Hope she heals soon.

    Love, Barb

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