Brownies Didn’t Go to Waste

cocoa brownies
While the brownies were not my best, they didn’t go to waste.

When people do nice things for me, I always think, I should make them cookies. Then, I forget, or it isn’t appropriate, or the timing is off.

Not this weekend. I thought to myself, I should bring those nice people at the Medical Clinic at the ski mountain some brownies. They were so nice to L when the ski patrol brought her in. From the ski patrol to the nurse to the X-Ray guy and the doctor, everyone was wonderful. So, since I brought the brownies with us for apres ski, and there wasn’t much ski apres L fractured her tibia – I went back to our condo, wrapped up most of the brownies (I saved some for us), and brought the brownies to the clinic. They were thrilled. They said, “We love patients like you. And, we’d say that we hope to see you soon, but we know you don’t really want to see us soon. At least not here.”
broken ankle


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