It tastes like frogs legs…

but it’s chicken!


In Jacques Pepin’s “Fast Food My Way”, he gives a recipe for chicken breasts cooked with garlic and parsley in the style the French use for frogs legs. It is exactly like how I’ve eaten frogs legs (and they do taste quite like chicken). This is a great recipe and every time I make it the girls are so excited to sit down to dinner. I am, too.

In an attempt to get away from having a starch on the plate at each meal (rice, pasta, couscous, potatoes, etc.), I have been trying to add a second (or third) vegetable. Last week, I served butternut squash and broccoflower with the pork tenderloin. Last night, I served lima beans and corn (o.k., a little starchy, but with some good fiber, too) and zucchini. J separated out her lima beans from her corn and ate all of the corn and about 1/2 of the limas. L asked why we didn’t have that combination more often. One of the reasons is that lima beans are harder to find at the grocery store these days. It seems that shelled edamame has replaced lima beans – both alone and in vegetable mixtures. This bothers me for a few reasons. First, I really like lima beans. Second, lima beans and soy beans taste nothing alike. Third, don’t we have enough soy products out there?
Well, I’m going with L’s suggestion and we’ll have lima beans more often.


3 thoughts on “It tastes like frogs legs…

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