Plan for this week

lemon meringue cake
Rain, rain, don’t go away – we need you! And, you mean SOUP and hearty dinners this week (for the most part).

Today is S’s birthday, but we celebrated last night with family and had a delicious cake from Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. Their Lemon Meringue Cake is unique, wonderful and very lemony. S wanted me to re-create it, but I didn’t have their cookbook, or the time to do it (and I used up my creative baking juices a couple of weeks ago). So, tonight since we have meetings and appointments and activities, we’ll have something simple (but, special, because I made bread).

Here is the plan for the week:
Monday: Bean and barley soup with ham, Speedy-No-Knead Bread, Cheese, Leftover Cake and berries
Tuesday: Chicken Breasts with Garlic & Parsley (Jacques Pepin), zucchini, lima beans with corn
Wednesday: Brisket with noodles, salad
Thursday: Pasta with Broccoli, salad
Friday: on the road again, going skiing
Saturday: Brisket Leftovers in the mountains!


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