Fractal Flies?

I thought I’d try Romanesco again, I bought one at the market (Whole Foods – which I don’t usually frequent). So beautiful. So fun to look at, with its repeating patterns. So utterly filled with bugs, AGAIN. Inedible.
“Suzanne, did you put pepper on the vegetables?”
“No. Why?”
“I think it is filled with bugs.”
“Mooooommmmmmy, this doesn’t taste good. EEEEwwwwww.”
I love this vegetable, why can’t I get one that is pest free? Why are the bugs completely hidden. I did wash the vegetable. Carefully.

The chicken and brown rice were delicious and I was able to steam some sugar snap peas, quickly, to ensure a square meal (or, triangular, anyway).
roasted chickenchicken dinner


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