Biscotti, Crunchi, Yummi

The biscotti for the teacher “snack” were completed on Feb. 3 and devoured with the tabouleh, hummus and pita on Feb. 4. I took some photos of the successful baking expedition. The biscotti turned out better than I had expected. And, because we couldn’t keep our hands off them, I had a bit smaller batch to deliver to the teachers than I needed. Ooops.
biscotti with white chocolate
Rather than writing up the recipe, and I’m not sure of the copyright laws yet, I’ll provide a link here. The recipe on the link is the same as the one that I used, from the book, Biscotti by Lou Seibert Pappas. I used quite a bit more white chocolate than indicated in the recipe – like triple. I melted white chocolate chips in the microwave (stirring in a few unmelted ones so that it set properly), then dipped the bottoms of the biscotti in the white chocolate, put them on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and refrigerated them for a few minutes.


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